Stairlift Rentals

There are many reason why renting a stairlift may make the most sense for you. Your needs may be temporary, you may just want to “try it out”, or you may appreciate the low monthly payment. Either way, our monthly rental is a great way to get started on easier and safer stair climbing.

How does it work? It’s simple. There is a one time installation fee which covers installation and all service during your rental period. Following the 3 month trial period, simply pay month-to-month. No long term contract to sign. Many people call this our “No Brainer” option and we agree!

As an added bonus, should you choose to buy your rental lift, 75% of everything you pay (Yes, including the installation cost!) will be applied to your purchase. Decide to purchase it at 3 months and get 100% of everything you’ve paid applied towards purchase.

Want to talk to one of our experts about our unbeatable rental plan and get FREE advice on choosing the right lift? Just call 1-866-549-8893 or ​use the Contact Us link.

Stairlift Rentals

  • Our rentals are an UNBEATABLE value!
  • No Contract
  • 75% of all payments

(yes, including installation cost)
credited to optional purchase

  • Installation starting at $695
  • Monthly Starting at $99