A message from Shawn:

Greetings, I’m Shawn Gookin, founder of StairLift HeadQuarters™ and I want to make a promise to you straight away. I promise that when you become a client of ours you will get the right StairLift at the best price. That’s the StairLift HeadQuarters™ Promise:

The Right StairLift At The Lowest Price installed by our expert technicians and backed up with 365 days a year in field service.

Our mission is to make selecting and owning a stairlift easier and less expensive. We’re not afraid to provide pricing or information over the phone. Why? Because we know how important it is for you to cut right to the chase and we know how good our pricing is. You need to know “what is all this going to cost”, we understand and are happy to oblige. Many of our competitors will not provide pricing or features over the phone! We know how frustrating that can be.

So, whether you visit our showroom or have one of our factory trained staff members out to your home for a free site visit, you’ll be pleased with both our professionalism and product offerings. Unlike our competitors, our staff members are not on commission. This means they are focused exclusively on helping you find the right stairlift.  Some people have told us that buying a stairlift from our competitors was as uncomfortable as buying a new car! The salesman started high on the price, and then when the buyer said they needed more time before they could decide, the price magically came down. When that was considered still too expensive, the salesman offered a “Today Only” price that was higher then our everyday price. Unbelievable! How foolish do these guys think people are?

Our everyday pricing is simply the best value in New England.  Not only are our prices hundreds, often thousands, less then our competitors, all of our new lifts include a Lifetime Motor warranty and a complete two year “top to bottom” warranty. This is huge, for some reason our competitors think that it’s okay to charge you for labor if your lift breaks down during the first two years. The parts are often covered by warranty but the labor with these guys is not. A simple warranty repair often costs three to four hundred dollars. Complex repairs can be five to six hundred. Not with us, if anything, and we mean anything, goes wrong with your lift for a full two years…it won’t cost you a dime. You’re fully covered.

Okay, so we promise that our pricing, warranty, and customer service is the best but let’s talk about the StairLifts. How can we promise the right lift? Simple. Unlike many other Stairlift companies, we offer numerous brands to choose from. One size definitely does not fit all when it comes to selecting a stairlift. Depending on your particular situation one brand of lift may be far better for you then another or you might simply find that you like the looks of one brand over another, that’s okay too. We have over a dozen different models from 5 different manufacturers. Many of our competitors only sell one type of stairlift, hey we thought the days of the Model T were over? You want, make that need, the right stairlift so selection is critical.

If you are reading this message then you or a loved one are likely in need of a lift. I promise you that we will not only provide the right lift, the best price, an unmatched warranty, and industry leading customer care, but that we will provide it with genuine concern and care for the needs of all concerned.

So have one of our stairlift experts come out for an evaluation. It’s free and usually a relief to know there is a company to help that also cares.  We are more then pleased to offer a no cost, no pressure, no obligation home assessment.  Call us anytime at 1-866-549-8893

Shawn Gookin, Founder
StairLift HeadQuarters™

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